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Spine Stretching Exercises

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1. How Do I Use Spine Stretch?
A. Step forward until the belt fits comfortably against your waist.
B. Raise the two handles to bring the pad up to your chest and rest the back of your arms on the arm pads.
C. Relax forward into a gentle stretch for near-instant and lasting pain relief!

It is important to use the product gently at first to give your back time to adapt progressively.

2. How Does Spine Stretch Work?
Spine Stretch helps relieve back discomfort and sciatica by maintaining a correctly aligned spine while stretching is applied between the shoulders and pelvis. Spine Stretch naturally stretches the user's hamstrings as well.

3. How Do I Store Spine Stretch?

A. Reverse the orientation of the arm supports, orienting them toward the ground.
B. Remove the locking latch and the adjustment tube.
C. Fold Spine Stretch.

4. How Do I Clean Spine Stretch?
Wipe down Spine Stretch with a damp cloth after use.

5. How Often Should I Perform Stretching Exercises with Spine Stretch?
Stretch two or three times a day with Spine Stretch.

6. How Much Time Does Using Spine Stretch Take?
Using Spine Stretch takes only 3–6 minutes per day.

7. Does Spine Stretch Have Any Age Restrictions?
Any person can use Spine Stretch at any age. Keep Spine Stretch out of the reach of children.

8. Can People with Back Injuries or Diseases Use Spine Stretch?
After a surgical intervention, wait at least 2 months before using Spine Stretch. It is also recommended to consult a doctor before using Spine Stretch.

9. Can Pregnant Women Use Spine Stretch?
Do not use the product if you are pregnant.

10. Should I Feel Any Traction While Using Spine Stretch?
It is not necessary to strongly feel the traction at the level of the spinal column for the exercise to product positive results. Do not force the movement or let the weight stretch your back.

When you have gained more experience using Spine Stretch, you can adjust the handles down to increase the traction force, but exercise sessions with Spine Stretch are more effective without forcing the traction throughout multiple sessions.

11. Why Should I Buy Spine Stretch?
With Spine Stretch, you can get relief in just 3 minutes per day. The secret lies in Spine Stretch’s access precision traction, which pushes your upper and lower body away from each other at a perfect angle, taking pressure off your spinal joints and nerves. No more discomfort, no more suffering – just life-changing relief.

Trust The Spine Stretch "Access Precision Traction" To Keep You in the Action!